Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cutting and Matching and Being Like Big Sister with MGT

There's a long list of things that worry me as a homeschool mom. As a prior teacher I always had a wide range of ability levels in my classroom even though my students were the same age. I knew how to differentiate for them and although I would sometimes feel stress about it, I felt confident that I was meeting their needs. 

Strong B doesn't always want to sit with Tiny B and do lessons and that's fine. I've recently learned that he is learning and listening to us even while doing his own thing in the same room. I gave him Tiny B's end of unit assessment, and the only thing he did not know was the sight words! I was shocked! So essentially, he is learning in a multi-age and ability environment just as students do in a classroom. So that one worry as a homeschool mom can take a hike. Yay!

He loooooves doing "big kid things" like Tiny B, and when he saw her cutting, I asked him if he'd like to cut, and he really wanted to. So I pulled out his "Experience More Literacy" workbook from Mother Goose Time, and put him to work. 

He cut out the pieces of a fireman uniform and matched them up according to letters. He was working on the fine motor skill of cutting and letter recognition. 

He really enjoyed the activity and the feeling of accomplishment that it gave him. 

Then he was off to play! I have no doubt however, that he was continuing to listen to me and Tiny B do her lessons and soaking it up like a sponge.

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