Sunday, November 27, 2016

Friday Night Fun with Mother Goose Time

I can't tell you how many times over the last year and a half that I've thanked God for the Mother Goose Time curriculum. It's not only prepared Tiny B for kindergarten amazingly, but it's been our sweet place of refuge on many occasions. 

Lately I've longed for staying at home more. A friend once told me that as a homeschool mom, I would find myself with an unbelievable anount of social activities and that I would have difficulty fitting in schooling. I thought she was crazy. She was right. 

So I've been purposefully saying no to a lot of activities so that I can give more attention to my home. My housekeeping and cooking have fallen by the wayside and I truly miss it. We found ourselves at home on a Friday night and I was in bliss. We took out the "Bus Driver" lesson and had at it. 

The kids used their blocks to build a city. They used their Mother Goose Time busses that they created to drive through the streets. Watching them interact, share ideas, have disagreements, and cooperate did such good for my heart. 

I closely followed the lesson given in the Teacher Guide. 

I showed them the "Make and Play" card and we discussed our plans. 

Strong B and Tiny B used a Sharpie to draw a tiny face and clothes onto his clothespin bus driver. How's that for fine motor practice?

They colored the inside of their bus. Also perfect fine motor practice and Tiny B's OT would love this. 

Their playing lasted about an hour and it was heavenly. 

After they finished playing, we did the matching game, which is essentially "Concentration." They LOVED it and we played several rounds. Memory work is so important. 

Look at those adorable busses. 

My favorite take-away of the day was the very high quality Storybook of the Month. One is included in every MGT monthly box. The story was adorable and written so well. In Tiny B's kindergarten curriculum from her charter homeschool, we are working on different elements of the story, and recently we've been identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story. We read the story and identified these parts. I love how I'm able to use the MGT curriculum to teach her the kindergarten objectives. 

What a fabulous Friday evening. This is what homeschooling is about. 

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