Saturday, December 10, 2016

Mother Goose Time Coloring Sheets?!

You ever keep putting something off, and when you finally do it, you regret waiting so long? Well, that's exactly how I feel about the Mother Goose Time (MGT) coloring sheets! Every now and then MGT reminds us that there are coloring sheets to print off for every monthly theme. This month I finally did it! I knew we were going to be so busy with Christmas activities that we would need something to do for relaxing down time. It's really turned into so much more than that! Strong B has been coloring his MGT "book" that I made for him during Tiny B's kindergarten lessons. 


(Yep, that's my laundry. I'm too tired to crop the picture). 

He's been sitting at his lap desk on the floor and coloring. 


Tiny B has not been a fan of coloring in the past. Perhaps it's because it hasn't been easy for her? She's recently been enjoying coloring more than usual and she even wanted me to put together a book for her. She didn't want every page like Strong B did, but I loved that she felt ownership of the ones that she chose. 


She is in love with hedgehogs right now. She read a hedgehog book by Jan Brett and there was a MGT hedgehog lesson this month...I love it when her kindergarten and MGT intertwine!

There's a picture for every day's lesson. This is my favorite and I might even print one for myself. 


You just go to MGT's website and go to member resources and click on "coloring sheets." You do need the password that you get with your monthly box. 



Who would have thought that coloring sheets would bring me such joy? Finding joy in the simple things is the best. 

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