Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dance n' Beats: Community Helpers

It is the glorious holiday season. We hung our lights today and trimmed the tree yesterday, and our family is in Christmas hog heaven with the Christmas decor. As a child, I remember playing in front of the lighted Christmas tree for hours and hours. They did this all day, and it was the absolute sweetest. 

*They did remove all of the ornaments today to pretend they were food....?? This was after hubby and I "fixed" them last night after they went to bed, so that's three times that we've hung ornaments. This wasn't so cute, but I'll remember it fondly for years to come. Right? Isn't that what they say?

Tonight we decided to do Mother Goose Time's Dance n' Beats Community Helpers. 



With the Christmas lights and the fire, it was the stuff of memory making for sure. 

I love seeing Strong B, my tough guy, do the dance moves. Last year he wouldn't do it. For many months he halfway did it. And tonight...He went all out and strutted his stuff!


They were the police, mailman, construction worker, and lots of other fun jobs. 


Tiny B was so inspired by the hairdresser that she made us pause the DVD so she could run and get her tutu. I love this about her. 


I also love the calisthenics involved in this program. They jump up and they move all the way to the floor. What perfect exercise and gross motor practice. 


The kids were so into their dancing that we pulled out next month's Dance n' Beats and did that. Precious times.

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