Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dance n' Beats: Winter Woods

Our evening was filled with our new Dancing Beats DVD from Mother Goose Time and the silly antics of Jack the Standard Poodle. The kids had just finished the Community Helpers Dance n' Beats and wanted more, so I opened up our new Mother Goose Time Box with the Winter Woods theme. The grand opening of the monthly box is always met with screams and "oohs" and "ahhhs." 


Dance n' Beats is incredible gross motor practice as well as an excellent following directions activity. 


We haven't done any of the lessons in the accompanying book that comes with each DVD (we simply have so many lessons to choose from in our main box!) but we looked through it and decided we wanted to do this one later this month. 

Doesn't it look adorable? I love a reason to go on a nature walk and they will certainly benefit from learning rhythm. We are constantly listening to our monthly CD and I have really been wanting to introduce them to keeping the beat.


Tiny B danced the night away and we had to pry her away from her "performance" so that she could go to bed. I love it.



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