Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Trip to the Pond to Truly Experience this Month's Theme!

Last week we started our new Mother Goose Time theme, which is the Pond. As our frigid SoCal winter is coming to a close (I kid, I kid) I was reminded of the pond not too far from our home which has the makings for a perfect "intro" to our unit. We are moving soon and it's at times like these when I realize how much I will miss our town.

We brought three pieces of bread for each kid. Tiny B fed all of the pieces to the duck in a matter of minutes while Strong B watched and waited. Perhaps it is telling of their personalities. Strong B then offered Tiny B his last pieces when she cried that she had no more. He is becoming such a gentleman. My little baby boy who was such a firecracker compared to her, is turning into a contemplative and sweet soul.

I've been so tired lately. I wonder if it's my autoimmune disease or thyroid or the month that I've spent sick, or if it's simply being a mom. It's a different tired than I used to experience when we were in the midst of tube-feeding and hospitals and surgeries. That was a scary tired and this is a "how can I possibly homeschool and keep my home clean and my family fed and raise my children to be filled with God and happiness?"

They are best friends. They have a language together that I do not understand. I cherish these times of utter exhaustion and know that these days are fleeting. When will they start brushing their own teeth and we no longer have to help them? When will they decide when to shower on their own and when will I stop getting their pajamas and towel for them when they are done with their bath?

One of our first lessons we did was to create a pond in the little clear containers that MGT had given us. 

I don't do the lessons in order. I choose them based on interest and what I feel that we are in the mood for that day. I love having this freedom. It is in stark contrast to how I ran my classrooms for ten years. There will come a time when I won't have this freedom, and I'm already feeling it with Tiny B's kindergarten curriculum, but for Strong B and his little preschool self, this is perfect.

Tiny B made her muddy pond in her jammies and played outside for a few hours this way. I wonder if my neighbors think I am insane.

We are rather fond of our pajamas in this house. I think it's a homeschooling thing.

The "ponds" sat out for a few days. They ended up stinking, much like a real pond can, but we didn't see any insects that had found our ponds inviting.

We've since moved on to snakes and frogs. We've already begun talking about our next theme, which is "Birds." The days are long but the years are short, so I've heard and am starting to experience. Tiny B is almost seven and I don't know where the time has gone. I'm thankful for days of ponds and pajamas.


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