Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dance n' Beats: Nursery Rhymes!

We pulled out our Mother Goose Time Dance n' Beats tonight. I slept all day due to being so sick, so I woke up in a frenzy of guilt regarding low little time I've given my children this week. Perhaps this is a normal feeling, especially because I'm in charge of their schooling? I hadn't thought about what would happen with their homeschooling when I'm sick for a while. I don't have a sub for them...ha! So I guess the answer is that homeschooling moms just do their best when they're sick. That's all we can do.



All of the songs were nursery rhymes. So cute.

Tiny B does not like the warm up song because it's the same on every DVD and therefore it bores her. I was surprised though that she knew that she had to do it. She told her brother that it's to "warm up so that they don't hurt their bodies."

Right now we are preparing for moving (we don't know where or when..) so all of her tutus are in a box. Every time the dancer wears a tutu in these DVD's she says, "I wish I had my tutu to wear just like them" and she gives me a puppy dog look. I love her spirit. I never imagined when she was the size of a mouse in the NICU that she would possess such spirit.

I love that Strong B loves Dance n' Beats so much now. He wouldn't do it for our entire first year. Now they both love to perform. It's also practice for his tumbling class. 


Two weeks ago I was struggling with worry. Now all I'm struggling with is wanting so badly to be healthy. I had a kidney stone for about three weeks and now I'm on Day 9 of sickness...That's a long time of not being healthy. I will celebrate my health soon. What an awesome reminder of how blessed I am to normally be healthy. As much as it's not fun, reminders like this are good. They help us to see the blessings we have that we take for granted.

*I  receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in exchange for my honest sharing of experiences, resulting from our personal use. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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