Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mother Goose Time Workbooks and An Invitation To Create

I have loved watching my children grow academically purely through their brains maturing and nothing that I have done. It interests me greatly because with Tiny B, I have learned that she will often do things (eat, use scissors, roll over...) in her own timing. Sometimes the therapies have helped her (I highly believe that her OT kept her from being completely orally defensive) but sometimes I see that nothing has helped her but time. 

Strong B is four and a half. He has not been very interested in the Experiencing More Math and Experiencing More Literacy Workbooks from Mother Goose Time (MGT) until now. Tiny B loved them and they were her primary written work for transitional Kindergarten. 

In the past month, after watching his sister do her work for two years, he has suddenly become very interested in these workbooks and I'm overflowing with joy! 

I had some of the workbooks from before and so I had him work on them.


Writing his numbers. A note: I've been having such difficulty having him hold his pencil with the correct grip so my friend gave us the purple contraption below and it's totally working!


Tiny B did her numbers and it looks beautiful to me. The decision to pull her out of OT this year to save my sanity was worth it!!

It's all in her own time.


After they did their book work, they did a MGT Invitation to Create and made a snake. The MGT snake and MGT turtle got along fabulously.




I have loved watching them play with their MGT creations. I'm loving watching how they are best friends. 

Watching them become interested in subject matter over time as well as just plain mastering things on their own, has been one of the great joys of homeschooling. 


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