Sunday, July 16, 2017

Invitation To Create: Making a Surfboard

Be forewarned...before I write about the adorable surfboards we created, I'm going to write about gross medical stuff.

I really can't believe I'm writing this...but after my kidney stone removal and subsequent ureteral stent removal two weeks later, I got a kidney infection. I had thought I was home-free after a hellish nine weeks of kidney trouble, but my body had other plans in mind! Today is the first day in around TEN WEEKS that I haven't been on a pain pill and it's almost too good to be true...

I'm praying that God is going to let me get my life back. I'm ready for my new life in my new town to start! I'm ready for a new homeschooling year and to join my hubby's business. It's just been so hard but I think the hardness is over (until the remaining two large stones start to pass but we won't talk about that...).

Because I've been so ill, our Mother Goose Time time has really struggled. I pulled out some projects for Tiny B and Strong B to do which wouldn't require much help from me since I was feeling so bad. (Turns out I would find myself in the ER ten hours later with the kidney infection). 

The surfing lesson looked adorable.



We looked at the inspiration picture and talked about what they would want to paint on their surfboards. We talked about their hobbies and things they love and they planned what they would do.




The paint really didn't lend itself to doing detailed pictures and I don't remember what her pictures meant because I was so sick, but I do know that this project was precious and she loved it.


Strong B got up from his nap and did his board as well. Pure adorableness.


*I  receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in  sharing of experiences, resulting from our personal use. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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