Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Pretending We're on an Island Instead of in Boxes

The last six weeks have certainly been amazing and yet painful. Painful in the physical way. I've loved moving into our new home but the constant pain of a kidney stone (a chronic issue for me) has put a damper on things. I battled it for SIX WEEKS because I'm stubborn and didn't want the most barbaric surgery that I've had three times before, but now it seems that I'm destined for that very surgery in five hours. 

I'm in the hospital and have been here since last night. I've been struggling getting my Mother Goose Time posts up due to the pain but thankfully I've been still doing them. During times where I'm in pain, I still need to mother and to teach...Don't we all? So I've done days of activities during the unpacking/kidney stone debacle and I think my children have really fared well during this time. The smallest bit of attention goes a long way with them.

Please forgive me if my next few posts aren't as eloquent as usual. 

We started with the Alphabet Island Day 1 to really introduce them to what an island is. 



We discussed that and did the Spyglass activity. I looove that they are more and more able to almost complete the project from beginning to end without me. They are almost 5 and 7. This is the end of our second year with MGT so it's taken some time, but that time was so well-spent. 




Because they were on a MGT crafting extravaganza, I let them choose another Alphabet Island Project. After these two years I'm feeling a lot of freedom to use this curriculum how it best suits us. Some days that means we do several of the art projects and let our creativity really have at it. 

They are making the crab shakers here. I love when they squeeze that glue--such fine motor practice for my girl.



They shook their shakers and danced in our new homeschool room. It was a beautiful day, despite my pain. I love these things that God gives us to make the days good even through a somewhat difficult time.


*I receive Mother Goose Time curriculum in  sharing of experiences, resulting from our personal use. All opinions/thoughts are my own and are in no way influenced by others.

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