Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer Series: Pointillism and Family Camp

I realize that the title of this post sounds like we did pointillism at family camp, but unfortunately I'm not that crafty. We did our Mother Goose Time lesson on Pointillism right before we left for camp. I'm currently at family camp, blogging under my covers while the kiddos are asleep with visions of beautiful trees and late nights in their heads. I was asked to serve in the children's ministry for my church at this one week family camp. Hubby had to stay home, but I'm here with the kids, and I pray that they never forget this special time at Lake Arrowhead. 

Before we left, I taught them the pointillism lesson in this month's MGT curriculum. 

The kids made "points" on their umbrella with a cotton swab. Tiny B usually rushes through art projects, but she just loved this one and spent so much time on it that her "points" ended up morphing into globs, but I was so thrilled with the fact that she was taking her time (and the fact that she can turn her piece into whatever she wants!) that I just let her create. 

I'm off to dreamland now, as I have a early morning date with about twenty-one four and five year-olds, and I must keep up my energy for them!

Happy Summer! (Let's cherish it because it will be gone all too soon). 

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