Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Father's Day Kit 2016 from Mother Goose Time

I love the Mother Goose Time kits that come every month. MGT highlights the holiday of the month and centers their kit around this. This month was Father's Day. Sometimes I turn this kit into a mini-party with just me and the kids, sometimes I include my mom or another child, or sometimes I choose just one or two activities to do from the kit. 

This month, I chose to just do one activity from the kit while my husband was told to hide in the office while we made him a craft. I know he heard the kids screaming at each other (how can they be best friends one second and worst enemies the next?!) and my screams at them to NOT TOUCH THE WALL WITH THEIR PAINTED HANDS! I'm sure that listening in on this sounded like sweet sounds to his ear--we hustled and bustled to get his craft done, and I'm sure he felt very special. Oh, I could have waited until he was gone, but he's never gone since he works from home!

The craft was pretty self-explanatory. And adorable.

I also had them do crafts for grandfathers  and a great-grandfather, on our own paper. 

Aren't they adorable?? Oh my heart. Years from now we'll pull these out of a box and get tears in our eyes as we remember the long days yet short years of having small children. 

Hubby loved the progress. I also got him a shirt that says, "I'm in love with my child's teacher." 

Happy Father's Day to the amazing dads out there.

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